Joburg’s Prefered Spare Parts Provider

Return Policy

1.       Parts correctly supplied are not returnable. No exceptions.

2.       Incorrectly supplied or faulty parts must be returned to the supplier within 3 days of purchase unless otherwise arranged in writing with Management.

3.       There will be no return/exchange or refund on an incorrectly supplied or faulty part if:

3.1   Purchaser fails to notify or return the item within 3 days of purchase.

3.2   Purchaser acquires the part elsewhere without making prior arrangements with the supplier.

3.3   The part has been tampered with, modified, stripped, opened in any way.

4.       There is no guarantee or exchange on any electronic items whatsoever.

5.       Parts will only be exchanged on presentation of the original invoice signed by the purchaser.

6.       Credit notes are valid for 6 months and are not transferable to a third party. Goods will only be supplied on credit, on presentation of the original credit note.

7.       No cut sections will be taken back by the supplier. Sections must be paid for in full before the supplier will begin cutting and marked out by the client with the salesman.

8.       Engine and gearbox guarantees are only valid if the client has signed a gearbox or engine guarantee contract form with the supplier.

9.       The supplier is not liable for any courier/transport/labour /engineering or mechanical costs incurred by the client or their mechanic, or any recurring costs incurred should the part be exchanged.

10.   If the supplier agrees to a refund, such will only be made by transfer.

11.   The supplier is not liable for any damages or loss incurred by courier companies for goods in transit and insurance of such items is at the discretion of the client.

12.   A “Deposit” sale is a binding contract between both the supplier and the client. A deposit sale is to be paid in full within 30 days unless otherwise stipulated. Should the balance of the contract not be paid within the prescribed period, there will be no refund or credit note issued whatsoever and the deposit will be forfeited, should the client wish to cancel the contract within the 30 day period, and only if such is agreed by Management, the client will be charged a 20% handling fee of the full purchase price of the contract, and a refund of the amount less 20% will only be made once the supplier has resold the part or vehicle.

13.   All vehicles are sold as deregistered or scrapped unless otherwise stipulated on the front of this invoice by the seller and signed by both parties.

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